How big is it?

Lapdeck expands to 21 x 12 x 8.5 inches (53 x 31 x 22cm)

It collapses to 18 x 12 x 0.9 inches (46 x 31 x 2cm)

What is Lapdeck made of?

Coated corrugated fiberboard, a heavy-grade cardboard.

It uses no adhesives.

Is it really strong enough to hold my laptop?

As long as the Lapdeck is on a soft surface, like a bed, couch or arm chair, it sure is. We tested it with much heavier objects than a laptop, and many users have reported getting months of service from their Lapdecks. That's a full wine-rack in the picture on the homepage, and during testing, a laser printer and flat screen TV were no problem. Under weight, Lapdeck's legs are designed to expand slightly and dig into a soft surface.

Is Lapdeck recyclable?


Will Lapdeck fit into an armchair?

Sure. Because it's made of corrugated fiberboard rather than rigid wood or plastic, Lapdeck's legs can easily be compressed inward and still remain extremely sturdy.

Is there a lip at the edge of the top surface?

No. Lapdeck is designed for working in bed or on a couch or armchair, and has no uncomfortable raised edge.